Well congratulations to me, I happen to live in the most LGBTphobic country on earth…at this point religion sickens me to the stomach

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Forbes ranked this country as the most dangerous place for gay individuals to visit. Just a few days ago…two men aged 42 and 18 were publicly disgraced, and arrested by the authorities just because they were caught having sex. This is just one of the countless homophobic crimes that have commited in the history of this nation Last month, U.S president Joe Biden threatened to sanction countries who do not make provisions for equal rights for same sex couples. His threats included financial restrictions and trade bans and all. Well his decision was met with a lot of backlash in this country, many churches held several seminars and all of them agreed that trade ban or no, they would keep up their militant anti-gay stance and nothing would change that, whether the US is involved or not. All the feedback, statistics and polls from the citizenry observed that about 96% of the population is extremely homophobic. Transgendered ones are in danger of being lynched/killed because most churches preach that being trans is a “curse” from God. Most kids coming out as LGBT are in danger of being thrown out/disowned/killed by the community. Its all terrible. And its cringeworthy to think that the homophobic views of the people are being enforced by religion (churches/mosques) Its so disgusting Well I’m proud of Mr Biden’s decision The economy or this country is already in shambles Let’s kill it further with the financial restrictions so that the populace can feel the heat and then see eye to eye with the same sex marriage rights bill and then enforce it We need to make this country alive again And free for all, regardless of sexuality At this point I’m ashamed of this country


> 98% of the population opposed to homosexuality. Considering a larger percentage than 2% are gay, there’s something going on here that is not as clear as this looks.


And I thought the bigots couldn’t sink deeper


Fuck Christians


Man, sometimes I feel so lucky living in a politically secular nation.