West Virginia GOP governor: ‘I don’t know really what the big rush to get rid of the mask is’

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In Texas, the GOP governor’s big rush to get rid of masks is based on his desperate need for a distraction from his failures with the power grid.


Yeah ultimately that’s the crux of it. If you want to open everything, ok. TX everything was essentially open anyway. The capacity rules were hardly enforced. The bars were open through a food service loophole. Gyms were open. Schools were largely open if you wanted to go. So the opening part is small movement on the needle. But removing the mask mandate is gaining you nothing and potentially causing a catastrophe. It’s also a PR nightmare because it’s the big headline. You’re also causing headaches for all the places trying to enforce masks who at least had state mandate to fall back on. Even if you’re a republican you have to see how poorly gamed out removing the mask mandate is.


I’m a Democrat in WV, and as much as I despise the man for his dumbass ideas, I do respect him for his tone on Covid. It makes me happy knowing that he actually cares a little bit about the people of WV.


Jim Justice wore a mask pretending to be a member of the Democratic party. He got elected governor and promptly switched to republican.


Justice is mostly a corrupt dumbass but atleast he believes we should still be wearing masks.