What are some red flags when talking to potential employers?

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When they don’t offer salary/pay rate info, or are reluctant to give it. Or if they imply that you’re there for something other than a paycheck. They’re trying to guilt you into taking less pay than you’re worth.


“We’re like a family” (we demand unconditional loyalty) “We work hard, we party hard” (we expect you to work 60+ hours per week and we will go bowling once a year) “A self-starter” (we will invest no time and energy in you)


When they hire you on the spot they’re understaffed and you’re gonna be doing the work of at least two people.


Everyone assures you the dozens of people, who had your position before you, were simply disgruntled or had political agendas to damage the organization. A bigger one is verbal statements become totally different, whenever it becomes a text or e mail, after you start.


Finding out they want you to use your personal phone for work.