What do girls want guys to say during sex?

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You don’t need to say anything, just express that she’s making you feel good. It isn’t weird for guys to moan, in fact for many women it’s a huge turn on. I personally like it when my partner moans “fuck” or “oh my god” etc because I enjoy pleasuring him. Any kind of positive feedback is great.


Once, I let my boyfriend just play with my boobs for as long as he liked. I was surprised how long he wanted to just lie there and play with them – maybe 45 minutes? It was so sweet and funny when he said, totally serious, “this is like a dream come true.” I’ll always remember that. But hey, Nothing wrong with “you’re so hot” or “you feel so good.”


“I made you the sole beneficiary of my life insurance in case you fuck me to death”


You know those sounds you like to hear from your GF when yer doing a good job? The male version of those noises works for her.


I’m not typically into talking during sex (me or my partner) but I once had a dude tell me I was a goddess while I was on top of him. Instant confidence boost, felt 10,000% sexier.