What movie which you’d expect to be terrible is actually unexpectedly really good?

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The Lego Movie. I thought “Oh this is just one of those movies for a product. I mean Batman and Superman on the poster, this screams paid product. I just hope the marketing isn’t crazy”. My god was I wrong. The Lego Movie is now in my top 20 animated movies and I did not expect that movie to be that amazing. It proved to me that all those paid product movies don’t have any excuses to be as bad as they are.


The Edge of Tomorrow. I thought it was going to be a stupid explosion movie since I’d never heard of it, turned out to be the one of the cleverest takes on the Sci-fi action genre I’ve seen. Great story, and really well acted. Not surprised it’s become a cult hit


For some reason, I thought Knives Out was gonna be just another lame movie with famous assemble cast but I liked it way more than I expected.


Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. I was expecting a corny kids version of a marvel movie. Entertaining but no substance. Well I was blown away, probably had the most fun in a movie that I can remember with that one. And I think that’s a movie meant to be watched on a big screen. EDIT: Typo


Tucker and Dale Versus Evil.