What’s a useless fact you know?

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You have to put lighting rods in zoos to protect giraffes.


A lot of people think cats are nocturnal. But cats are actually crepuscular, which means they’re most active during dawn and dusk.


You’d have to kill 359 people to get enough iron from their blood to make a long sword


The head of the Chad meme guy is shaped like the country of Chad


Titanic had a high-tech system of pressurised air tubes for passengers to send mail. If you want a telegram sent, you went to the Purser’s Office. They’d write your message down, put it in a container, and send it to the wireless room through a pneumatic tube. The wireless operator would then add it to the pile of outgoing messages. Likewise if a telegram arrived for a passenger, the wireless operator would send it to the Purser’s Office using an identical pneumatic tube going the other direction. A bellboy would then be dispatched to bring the message to the passenger’s cabin. This is the sort of luxury service you could only expect on White Star’s Olympic-class ships!