Why are we ‘bailing out’ Texas’s reckless decisions on covid-19?

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The texas republicans just got bailed out of their deregulated shit show. Now these Abbott idiots are changing the story to another Covid shit show 2.0.


Republicans never feel the true consequences of their actions because they’re allowed to wantonly and systematically destroy the institutions and social structures of the United States while always getting bailed out by democrat politicians and left policies. What’s been happening in Texas the last couple of months is a PERFECT example. All I hear about is how Texas is amazing and (California/Massachusetts/New York/etc.) are failing shitholes and people in California are moving in the zillions to enjoy the Republican-led freedom of states like Texas. It’s times like this when people discover a simple truth: “you get what you pay for” doesn’t just refer to the pots and pans or camera drone or windshield wipers or electric toothbrush that you buy. It also applies to government. Republican policy is only and exclusively destroying the institutions that we rely on to have a functioning society. That’s it. There is otherwise no Republican policy. There’s literally none. They get to tout their freedom and low taxes and often no taxes and whatever other bullshit phrase, slogan, or talking point *du jour* and it’s all well and good until a pandemic hits, or an earthquake, a hurricane, the bankruptcy or ineptitude of a utility company, etc. It’s at this very moment that they get to come crying to the federal government, begging for California-funded and blue state-funded federal tax money while blaming democrats for everything. And Republican constituents are all morons and lap it up and they may temporarily think that Texas is inept but “imagine how bad **democrat states** must be!” What politicians have done in Texas should have resulted in them being dragged through the street. The second snow fell. Immediately. But they’re safe. They’ll all win election again. A gigantic, blue, Democrat broom will sweep through Texas and fix everything for now, and the culpable politicians will get to live on — even thrive — screaming at the pulpit that regulation is bad, politicians are bad, government is bad, taxes are evil (but fine for the little man) , corporations are amazing and blah blah blah until the next unmitigated natural, man-made, or corporate-led disaster. At which point republicans turn into Oliver Twist behind closed doors, but shout like Hitler on national TV. Blue states need to stop paying for Republican stupidity. It’s the only way things will change. Simple as that.


Do not bail out Texas. I am from Texas and I do not want us bailed out. Make these fucking assholes in office pay for every stupid decision they have made, let the suffering happen so maybe, JUST GODDAMN MAYBE, it will enrage enough people to vote the fuckers out. Edit because holy fuck some people are taking this into weird spaces: I don’t care about “owning” the conservatives. Republican policy in the state is killing people, literally. Bailouts let it go on for longer. This isn’t the first time we have had major crises that erupt because of deregulation, lack of regulation, lack of accountability, or criminal behavior by public officials that literally cannot be prosecuted. IT HAS to end. If the only way it will is that we let the system completely go down, then let it. Just let it die, so we can build a better system on top that works for the people. Either way the cost is human. One way has a real end. The other is just a continuance. You want to cast hatred or dislike, cast it on the multitudes of interlocking systems that make sure at the end of the day no one is accountable. Not on someone saying the system is broken and needs to change.


I’ve wondered from the outset why valuable and limited medical resources are expended on persons intentionally flaunting pandemic protocols.


As a Texan, fucking stop. The morons if this state seriously think this is the best government available in the world. They will never stop believing this as long as they keep getting bailed out, simultaneously… They will never believe the fact that it’s still holding it’s head above water is due to being helped out. Let the results of the leadership’s actions come to fruition so that we can move in to competent leadership