Women of reddit, what are things men do that scares you but they don’t realise?

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“Jokingly” using your strength to move me or keep me from moving. If I want to go home and you’re pulling me back I am not actually going along with it, you are stronger than I am and I literally cannot leave


Flirting is fun so long as you don’t “flirt” by asking me where I live, and if I live alone, and (as an expat) if I know people in the area. If you want to chat, flirt, get to know me? Don’t start with the questions that set off alarm bells in my head.


Hit on you in locations where you cannot escape (enclosed places like elevators, or work places)


Driving really aggressively and having road rage. When I was younger and dating I had so many experiences as a passenger with young guys who were otherwise normal but really intense and scary when they got behind the wheel. It always seemed like a red flag.


Wanting to go to a secluded location if I don’t know you well. People on Tinder would suggest going on hikes or taking a walk after dinner on first dates. Didn’t even cross their minds that I would not want to be alone with them on a date