You usually don’t know how poorly you swept until you start mopping.

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The trick to a good sweep is to pretend you’re painting the floors with the broom, sweep the entire surface, not just the bits of stuff that you can see. And don’t wear shoes inside if you can help it. -Sincerely, a housekeeper and someone who enjoys walking around barefoot without feeling icky.


You can sweep, then mop, then swiffer, and I’ll guarantee you , I can take a damp paper towel and swipe it in the floor and it will be soiled by dirt, dust and hair.


Shout out to anyone who has done a closing shift in the food service industry and thought they could finish early by skipping a step.


Thought you typed ‘slept’ at first and was like “wtf.” I am high


Sweeping? Mopping? I just vacuum it up and call it a year.