Arkansas Governor signs near-total abortion ban

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Won’t pass in the Supreme Court, but even still this is just another thing that punishes poor people more than the wealthy. People with money will just go to a state with legal abortion, while poor people will be forced to carry to term or use a less safe method of abortion. Of course carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term as a poor person will just keep them poor too. It’s been said before many times, but I’ll say it again. If you want to actually lower abortion rates, fund sex education and contraceptives for people. Especially young people. I’d imagine that the go to strategy for most of Arkansas sex education is still abstinence primarily. Teach people how to not be stupid, and they won’t make stupid decisions that put them in the position to have to consider an abortion.


How fiscally conservative of them signing legislation they know will be litigated and struck down.


Has any other political party put so much money and effort towards a fight they lost almost 50 years previously? Or is it just Republicans that are that regressive?


Anyone else’s notice that republicans sole platform is to push the USA back in time? * Push for abortion, rejected 50 years ago * Stop immigration, to keep American white like in the “good old days” * Allow segregation like in the 1960s, because a private business gets to choose what to do * Push for a christian government, because atheists are becoming too big * Support coal because we can’t envision a future without it. Regressive morons.


How to run on the Republican ticket: 1) Pro gun 2) “Pro life” 3) “Christian” You don’t have to do anything else.