Burger King apologises for a tweet that said ‘Women belong in the kitchen’ on International Women’s Day

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What’s fucked up is that terrible marketing ruined what was an important message about the shortage of women working as chefs. It’s like they put out a message on MLK day that said “He deserved what he got.” Then followed that up with “-A chance to share the truth about the underserved and underprotected lower classes of American society.” Like of fucking course it’s going to piss more people off than it helps.


The top of this article is dominated by a large image of a BK meal. This sure seems like some shitty viral marketing “all press is good” stunt.


As time-deaf screwups go, this is a whopper


If you look at the full page ad, it’s kinda clever. Use a trite sexist phrase to grab attention, and turn it on it’s head by stating they’re supporting women to follow a culinary career. Which is a line of business dominated by men. It also brings attention to the weird disconnect between “cooking is a woman’s job” and “very few women have cooking as a job”. When you just post the sexist phrase with no context to twitter, you are just posting a sexist phrase. So idea/intent 8/10, execution 1/10.


I think for me the biggest problem is that the association needed to make the logic work here (that Burger King is somehow a place of culinary arts) doesn’t work. I thought it was a doctored image the first time I saw the tweet. Some shit post. It didn’t even occur to me that it was real. When I found out it was I was even more confused. What the fuck are they trying to say? Seeing the tweets to follow, I got it, but I never made that cognitive leap. Burger King, a grubby fast foot “eatery” going to bat for the inclusion of woman in a male dominated food industry? I don’t know. It didn’t work in my head. Burger King make burger. No participate in larger issues. Unga bunga.