Chase is holding my money hostage.

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Heck yeah you should change banks! I’m a Chase customer but hold my money hostage and I’m gone!


> Should I change my bank after this is sorted? Yes. You can complain to the CFPB, that has been known to get things moving.


Yes, you should change your bank, or at least start using another bank account so that you have a backup. But just for background, there was a **ton** of unemployment fraud last year, and a lot of it happened with people claiming benefits from another state, so banks & states have been on hair trigger alertness for this. You’re not the only person who is *legimately* doing this but there are a whole lot of people doing it fraudulently, too. That doesn’t excuse Chase’s weird insistence on that one form, though, that’s just baffling. You could consider filing a CFPB complaint about that issue in particular, I think that would be fair and it might prod the bank a bit. But unfortunately this kind of thing can happen with any bank so it’s a good idea to have backup accounts and backup sources of money.


As a MSP based flight attendant (ahem Delta ahem), why don’t you bank with DCCU once you get things sorted?


Chase is notorious for freezing accounts/ending banking relationships over suspected fraud with no real recourse. If you don’t decide to bank elsewhere entirely, I would at least open an account at a second bank.