Congress moves to ban military gear for police

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Totally agree. Police are to protect and serve and not threaten and subdue


Good. Take away qualified immunity and make settlements come from pension funds while you’re at it.


Our small town cops switched from khaki uniforms to black several years ago. The friendly small town deputy suddenly looked very hard, dark and unfriendly. Then you add on all the gear and even a law abiding citizens starts to feel intimidated. Our SWAT team goes out for jay-walkers just to play tough guy, because they can. Please do NOT send them a tank! 🙄


Fucking finally. It’s time for our local police force to stop dressing like they’re in Halo.


What’s the point of going to police school for 6 months if you’re not allowed to release pent up personal anxieties in the form of beating unarmed citizens? /s