Daily Simple Questions Thread – March 09, 2021

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Does anyone have much experience in taking creatine as a supplement? I’ve recently started taking 5 grams a day for around 2 weeks, and have noticed improvement already (most noticeably my pull-up 1 set max has gone from 5 to 7 and I’ve increased most of my lifts up one notch in weight). I have a few questions regarding creatine: 1. Are the gains I’m seeing more likely to be a placebo effect than improvements from the creatine itself? 2. Is it normal to a sizeable improvement in only 2 weeks? 3. What can I expect to happen if I stop taking creatine now? Thanks for the help!


Trying to lose weight and build muscle. Goal is to have a lean body. Should I prioritize cardio or strength training? I really enjoy working out using my dumbbels, if that is a factor in deciding 🙂


I know deadlifts are important, but I’m for some reason confused and afraid of doing them. I love squats and I’m actually embracing lunging. Now I gotta conquer deadlifts. I’m probably holding myself back by not doing them. I find romanian deadlifts and straight deadlifts confusing. I’ll watch a video of someone explaining how to do one and then a different video of someone explaining how to do the other, but I can’t really tell what makes the two different from each other. Is my lower back supposed to feel slightly sore after doing one of these deadlifts? Like not pain, but like I asked it do do something? Or is that bad? I don’t want to hurt my back. Also what’s the difference between romanian and straight leg deadlifts? Thank you.


How accurate is the “calories burned” on a workout machine? Just curious


How do y’all stop your upper back/shoulders/chest from tightening up when sitting at a desk all day? I’ve got a fairly ergonomic set-up and get up and stretch every 30 minutes, but find that my traps/mid upper back still get really tight as the day drags on.