DARPA pitted 500+ hackers against this computer chip. The chip won.

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Great concept but 500 is not many people, 3 months is not that long, and designing unhackable hardware is a fools errand. They clearly have something amazing here but shame on anyone calling it “unhackable”. You’re just leaving non-experts with false hope and misunderstanding.


“hackers who were offered tens of thousands of dollars” for 3 months. yeah. nice. I guess nobody on that project ever looked up how much cybersecurity consultants actually charge. For most of the invited “hackers” the bounty was simply not worth investing much time into the challenge – especially as the bounty is only paid out if you find a vulnerability that conforms to their tightly set rules of engagement. Classic cybersec fallacy of “we offered a bounty / competition and nobody cracked it, so it must be secure”.


Pretty cool concept.


Did they name it FETT because it is a bounty hunter?


Round 1 in a 15 round bout.