Family says Texas to blame for state failures ultimately resulting in grandmother’s death

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This is just Travis county: “Nearly one month later, the Travis County Medical Examiner’s office is still working through 86 cases they received the week of February 14, 2021.”


Governor Abbott was the AG that argued for deregulation which allowed the utilities to ignore winterizing thier systems. A failure he gifted to himself, which is why he gaslighted his constituents by scapegoating wind turbines as the culprit for the power failures he is responsible for.


Greg Abbott to the family: The economy thanks you for her sacrifice.


Texas rocks the fact it has almost one in every five minimum wage jobs in the United States then blames utility users because they cannot afford $16000 utility bills even as rich politicians like Rick Perry and Ted Cruz hide in their heated mansions or sneak off to Cancun. Texas isn’t an economic miracle. It’s a moral wasteland.


They’re only saying that because it’s true though