Food Prices Are Soaring Faster Than Inflation and Incomes – As the Covid-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on economic growth, concerns about hunger and malnutrition are rising around the world.

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I’ve been doing research into this as part of my job and I can tell you that self reported/qualitative indications of food price inflation far outstrip the quantitative predictions posted by FRED, BoC, BoE, etc. Regular people are already feeling the squeeze and by the time economists catch up it’ll already be too late. Edit: For the folks asking about methodology; I work in qualitative market research and use survey/panel/focus group based research to map the qualitative public sentiment which emerges in response to (or in contrast to) quantitative economic data published by institutions like the US Fed or the Bank of Canada.


Can someone explain to me how CPI is just 1.5% YoY? The cost of everything seems to be going up, with the exception of vacations no one can do. Edit: and the (most common) answer to why is quality improvements and the internet. The value we get from these two improvements is only indirectly calculated in CPI, which some economists argue means that true inflation is LOWER not higher.


With prices of everything growing faster then inflation one could assume maybe inflation is calculated incorrectly.


I have been shopping at Costco and have noticed there are always a lot of sales. My grocery bill is roughly the same. Where y’all shopping?


Grocer Food prices haven’t changed that much in the DFW area. Article implies that food price surges have yet to hit the United States. Yet people here are complaining with no evidence of it. There might be a surge once everyone gets vaccinated.