Georgia Republicans Pass the Most Restrictive Voting Laws Since Jim Crow | “Every single metric of voter access that has been a good in Georgia is now under attack,” says Stacey Abrams.

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Georgia just had a free election with record turnout. The party that lost is trying to make sure that never happens again.


Somebody really needs to dress up as Jesus and give food and water to people waiting in line to vote so a good video can be made of Jesus being arrested for providing aid and comfort.


Georgia GOP in Nov 2020: HISTORIC VOTER TURN OUT! No evidence of Fraud. These were fair elections. Georgia GOP in Mar 2021: Quick! Let’s pass legislation to change all of that!


MAGAs are running scared from OUR American future. GQP/MAGAThugs know they **CANNOT** win without cheating. Such continued interference from anti-American MAGA “patriots” in OUR American lives is unacceptable in ANY state/territory.


So what’s the next step when they lose again? Go back to making black votes worth 3/5 of white votes?