Hubble Space Telescope enters ‘safe mode’ after software glitch. A software error prompted the telescope to enter “safe mode,” where all but essential systems are turned off until Hubble receives new commands. The Hubble Space Telescope, launched on April 24, 1990, is almost 31 years old.

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That was apparently on Sunday. Do we know if it’s back up yet?


Been working in spacecraft operations for a decade now and I can say that these things do happen from time to time. These vehicles are designed to be *extremely* resilient and this is by no means something that they cannot recover from.


I still think it is crazy there are machines in space that were launched before Y2K was solved. They were hardcoded too. You can’t update the software without physically taking the machine apart and putting new parts in/taking old parts out. I wonder how they will deal with the approaching end of unix time. Will the Webb Telescope be able to have its software updated for whatever comes after unix time or will it be left to drift in space after only a decade and change of operation? It is crazy that the NASA/JPL engineers have to design machines that will last and be able to operate without physical access for decades. No external maintenance. No physical access at all. Incredible. Edit: sorry, end of unix epoch. I was just goimg to sleep when I wrote all that.


Hopefully they can launch JWST before Hubble is EOL.


Shit, we’ve had it on dangerous mode all this time.