Iran will “raze” Tel Aviv if Israel attacks, defense minister warns amid nuclear standoff

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Just two dogs barking at each other, each one waiting for the other to back down. Iran has been doing it for a while. The fact that Israel does it means it won’t do anything (at least nothing conventional)


The headline makes it sound like both Iran and Israel have nukes. But only Israel does.


Iran has already threatened to wipe Israel out regardless of whether or not Israel attacks them, so this is a pretty hollow threat. Its like a bully coming over and saying “hey, i’m gonna kill you next week, and if you try to stop me, i’ll punch you in the face right now”.


The best thing about these threads is watching the pro and anti Israel lobbies regurgitate the same tired talking points and crap arguments at one another. It must be convenient for both Israel and Israel’s detractors/enemies to have such loyal, borderline brainwashed people trained in such a Pavlovian way to shill for countries that give not a wit about them nor benefit them in any way.


Its never the entire country, in this case ‘Iran’ or ‘Israel’ that wants conflict, as the headline reads. Instead it is some clowns at the top. 99% of the people on both sides are just trying to live their lives.