Iran: Women and girls treated as second class citizens, reforms urgently needed, says UN expert

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And my dad is insisting that one day I should go back and live in Iran again after uni…he’s fucking clueless as to how women have no rights in Iran because we’ve lived in Canada for over a decade. 🤦


Good luck with that.


Boycot apartheid Iran!


Persion Perspective: Obviously the UN is stating the obvious here but I would like to note the strength that persian women have. Ever since the 80s women have made up a very good portion of University students and have been very active in the workplace. Culturally, women have played a very critical role to the development of Iran, back during the revolutions that got hijacked by religious freaks women were actually a leading voice in removing the monarchy system we had. Unfortunately for them they got screwed over with how the religious freaks took control of the country, they still attend university in high numbers but now they would get punished severely for simply wearing a jacket or hoodie that was too tight. If you do look at the cultural trends in Iran you will notice that women are the leading voices in protesting the horrible government we have right now. The vast majority of pushback happening is from Women slowly becoming more and more liberal with how they dress and show their hair. Quite often you will see young women in Iran half wearing their Hijab and this trend has only increased in recent years, imo this is one of the most visible forms of protest going on currently in the country. More and more women are trying to push back on the oppression they face from the gov’t by wearing much more liberal clothing. IMO the biggest pushback happening in the country is undoublty coming from the strong women we have and I think they will be the leading force for change in Iran.


Second class citizens could still travel without male permission, and could wear whatever they wanted. Women are *property* in Iran, (and most Islamic countries) not citizens…