‘It Definitely Stinks’: Lawmaker Demands SEC Probe of Shady Stock Buy Just Before DeJoy Announced USPS Vehicle Contract | “If that is not suspicious, I don’t know what is. Somebody clearly knew something.”

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“…over $54 million purchase of OSK, made 20 hours before Mr. DeJoy’s announcement”


This article is confusing two different issues. 1. It looks like the news of who won the contract leaked out and there was significant buying before the announcement. This should be investigated. 2. The article also suggests the contract itself was improperly awarded. The article states: >over Workhorse, a truck-maker that had bid to replace the Postal Service’s current delivery vehicles with an all-electric fleet. Look, perhaps it was awarded improperly, but let’s make something clear: Workhorse is not a truck company. It has like 80 employees (with 372K or revenue)and had an idea. Oshkosh, backed by Ford, actually has performed on multi-billion dollar contracts. That it was awarded to a company that can clearly perform on it over a tech-bro company isn’t all that surprising.


Why is this man still postmaster general?


I could definitely believe Dejoy or someone in his circle would leak information for easy money.


Fuck DeJoy. In a functional society, he would have been thrown in prison for destroying millions of dollars of equipment to help overturn an election. Instead, he still has his job and he’s insider trading. Go fuck yourself, Louis DeJoy. Fucking traitor.