LPT: When cancelling a service, tell customer service the reason for cancellation is because you got a new job in a different country. It’ll save you time answering unnecessary questions.

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If you’re going through a hard time you can let them know too because they may be able to help by waiving cancellation fees etc.


You: I need to cancel my service effective immediately. Them: We can offer you 6 months at a reduced rate. You: I need to cancel my service effective immediately. I’ve never had to repeat myself more than once.


Alternatively don’t give any reason at all and don’t feel obligated to provide any. You don’t owe them any explanation and can simply end communication.


I’ve had multiple bad experience with my internet providers and usually this trick has always helped me. Simply looke for where they haven’t started providing service and once I’ve reassured them I’m never returning back has gotten things sorted. PS; who’s laughing now Tikona ISP!