Michigan trooper charged with felony in arrest where dog was set on man nearly 4 minutes

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Anyone who has been attacked by a dog knows that four minutes is a *long* time. I had a German Sheppard take a chunk out of my face (including an eyelid) in a few seconds. Took 180 stitches and two surgeries to make me look even close to normal. Four minutes of that sounds like attempted murder to me.


So do we just employ sadists and sociopaths as police on purpose? Or are we training it into them? Maybe the definition of “police” is too broad. Maybe “police” doesn’t need to include some portion of the kind of work that they do. Maybe we should reassess how we define “police.” Maybe these types of people should take their uniforms off and rejoin society as civilians, so the redefined “police” can do something about it when they act on their antisocial impulses. Maybe.


I haven’t clicked the article for reasons… But you can’t even defend yourself from a police dog. They’ll charge you like you attacked an officer if you injure the dog.


2 minutes after he was cuffed and controlled? He should be charged federally for deprivation of rights under color of law.


Holy shit. Straight up attempted murder.