NASA is Considering a Radio Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon

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NASA: “We want a radiotelescope on the far side of the moon to be far away and shielded from all the radio noise earth and humans are producing. ESA: “Let’s setup a 4G telecommunications network at the moon for future lunar exploration” Hmmm 🤔 Yes. I get that it will still be orders of magnitude quieter than any remote island or mountain on earth could ever be. But still funny.


I wonder how they would get the signal back to us? Some sort of relay?


They’ve been ‘considering’ this for many years.


Just like they’ve been ‘considering’ a Mars landing since the 60s..


> The rover would only be able to work during the Lunar days (about two Earth weeks long) and have to hibernate during the nights. Why not send a couple of Krusty reactors there and have the rovers recharge?