Poll: 61 percent of Arizonans say passing major bills is more important than keeping the filibuster

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Sinema’s spokesman said: “While eliminating the filibuster may result in some short-term legislative gains, it would deepen partisan divisions and …” As opposed to the lack of partisan divisions that have existed with it?


I don’t even get what Sinema thinks she’s doing by straddling what she perceives to be this moderate line in Arizona. I at least understand where Manchin is coming from in a state Trump won by 38 points. I don’t get Sinema. She wants to win again or keep the majority, it’s not going to happen by repeatedly and predictably bumming out Democrat voters that flipped her state.


Sorry don’t buy her rational. At a min change the rules and eliminate the no show and no activity required to filibuster. It’s a relic of the past and anything prospering it up as is simply there to either service its past or to because there’s an agenda at play. Her lack of support to even change to require an actual debate suggests a deeper motive. At a minimum to occupy the spotlight.


The filibuster is paternalistic bullshit. And yes, if you’re a Democrat who clutches their pearls at the notion of the Republicans being able to pass bills when they’re in power, I mean that for you, too. There are two chambers of Congress who need to pass laws, a chief executive who needs to sign laws, and a court system that needs to uphold them. That’s plenty of check and balance. We don’t a damn supermajority requirement on top of that.


Kyrsten Sinema in response ” Nah” thumbs down.