Russia turns away from NASA, says it will work with China on a Moon base

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I think this is a good thing in general for space exploration. Russia was never going to add significant value to the Artemis program, and if Russia and China start making progress toward a lunar base it will encourage the US and its partners to speed up their own plans. A little competition never hurt anyone (as long as it stays peaceful of course).


Hope I’m wrong but “early 2030s” means it might never get done.


I know it’s off topic, but I’m really bummed about how far the Russian space program has fallen. It’s basically been stagnating for decades, all the new platforms are small, incremental steps that are years behind competing tech. There hasn’t been any notable progress aside from ISS cooperation that’s mostly funded by NASA. I grew up on a steady diet of achievements and records and world’s firsts, and that’s all now stopped. A massive amount of expertise seems to be rotting away with very little to show for it.


Russia has been lacking with their space program. It’s inefficient and corrupt according to their own economists, and has failed a lot of their recent launches.


Meh. Wasn’t the only reason NASA/Russian cooperation started in the 90’s just to keep russian rocket scientists employed and busy anyway?