[Serious] Who are some women who genuinely inspire you?

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My great-grandmother. In the 1920’s, she left her abusive, alcoholic, philandering, crooked-cop of a husband with nothing but her three daughters and a steamer trunk of clothes. He was on a “night shift patrol” (likely with one of his many mistresses), so she packed up her daughters (including my grandmother, a six month-old infant at the time), packed as many clothes as she could in a steamer trunk, and disappeared with the help of her older brother. Her family hid her from my great-grandfather and his crooked cop friends for over a year. She filed for divorce and fought him in the courts for two years. As a cop, he had a lot of clout in local politics and the local judicial system. Being the 1920’s, she had to prove adultery and abuse to finally get the divorce granted. Then, she had to fight for custody. That took another year and was only granted to her when my great-grandfather slipped up and sent a death threat to her brother’s house (addressed to her, but delivered to the brother’s house). That was the only thing the judge would accept for granting her sole custody. My great-grandfather ended up being arrested and prosecuted in the 1930’s for corruption. He lost his job, his pension, and his family (a long line of police and military who looked down on his corruption). He died homeless in a shelter before the age of forty. Despite the pressures of the time and the threats from my great-grandfather and his friends, my great-grandmother never gave up. She fought to protect herself and her daughters, no matter the cost.


My wife. She is a civil engineer and the smartest person I know (despite her error in marrying me). She makes sure my city has things like clean drinking water and we avoid all those occasional environmental disasters.


Ms K. She’s a little korean lady who moved to america in her 30s. She worked odd jobs until she learned english and could afford the collateral for a bakery. Now she runs the best bakery in my town, and makes the best donuts I have every had in my life. She’s a self made woman who struggled through a lot of bullshit to make a life for herself. I have enormous respect for her, and she’s inspired me to go after my own dreams of owning my own business.


In chronicle order: **- Hildegard von Bingen** – 1098-1179, Germany; nun, abbess, poet, writer, composer, botanist, healer, mystic, mathematician, scientist and diplomat **- Jeanne d’Arc** – 1412-1431, France; freedom fighter **- Mary Shelley** – 1797-1851, England; writer **- Harriet Tubman** – 1820-1913, USA; slave, slavery abolitionist, freedom fighter **- Marie Curie** – 1867-1934, Russia (Poland) / France; scientist, first woman ever to win a Nobel Prize, one of only two people in History to win both a Nobel Prize in Physics AND a Nobel Prize in Chemistry **- Rosa Luxemburg** – 1871-1919, Russia (Poland) / Germany; marxist, socialist, pacifist, feminist, fighter for women’s suffrage **- Helen Keller** – 1880-1968, USA; deaf-blind writer and activist for disabled people’s rights **- Bessie Coleman** – 1892-1926, USA; black American airplane pioneer **- Sophie Scholl** – 1921-1943, Germany; university student, leader of a peaceful underground resistance group against the Nazis **- Ruth Dreifuss** – 1940- , Switzerland, former Federal Council (~President) for the Social Democratic Party, second female Federal Council in the history of Switzerland, union leader activist for working class people, fighter for universal healthcare and drug legalization **- Carla del Ponte** – 1947- , Switzerland, jurist, former President of the United Nations’ International Criminal Court in The Hague **- Malala Yousafzai** – 1997- , Pakistan; activist for children’s rights and women’s rights in the Middle East


my mum :’))