Soaring home prices are starting to alarm policymakers

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Why do I have a bad feeling that “policy makers” will respond by pumping in tax credits and other government programs for housing? Pumping more money into the already “soaring” home prices.


So who says the small towns need funding? My property taxes have gone up by 25%.


I am one of those millennials who is at the age, ready to buy. But with no regulation on how much home values can appraise and drop as well, how are we ever to buy something affordable? The article says that we Millennials make up a third of the workforce, but we only have 6% of the nation’s wealth? How is that possible??? I know how, but how can any government say they are moral and without corruption and allow this? Birth rates are declining yet they say there is suddenly a housing shortage when in 2008 there were too many homes and caused the great recession. I know, it’s because us Millennials grew up and are ready to buy homes. But the issue is that now we have a affordability crisis and shortage. All financial leaders say we aren’t in a bubble, but are they really impartial? Are they, the Boomers who hold the majority of our nation’s wealth, don’t want to pass it on their wealth? Are they, the real estate workers who want to profit from skyrocketing home prices and sell while it’s far above 2008 values when the market crashed, are they being honest with us? No wonder us Millennials are upset, the game is rigged and we can’t attain wealth ourselves.


they started to get alarmed, but then they realized that their own houses went up in price too, and they are no longer alarmed.


Just use more government mortgages from Fannie Mae/Mac 🙂 That won’t lead to any issues. Hasn’t before.