Study suggests that the modern anti-vaccine movement is shaped by Christian nationalist ideology

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In the US perhaps, but quite a few anti-vaccers in the UK aren’t as religious and the leading bullshitter in London is a huge conspiratorial nut in general.


Raise someone from birth to believe in wacky bullshit and they grow up to believe in wacky bullshit. Who could have guessed!


Combining Reddit’s two biggest circlejerks with a sociological “study” no one can reproduce that itself concluded even being a “Christian nationalist” (which is not defined anywhere in the article) is less predictive of anti-vaccine beliefs than being African American.


Which is a shame because as a lifelong catholic I know zero, and I mean zero, Catholics who are antivaxxers.


I grew up around people like this and they are attracted to Christianity because it allows them to feel superior to others. So the correlation goes both ways. They attract one another.