There are countless monopolies that nobody cares about because the industry is far too niche.

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I think that would actually be called a natural monopoly. Some markets are so small that only one business could realistically work there, a second would just add too much competition and bring them both down.


Natural monopolies are a good thing. Who else would do it?


Could you provide an example please? This actually intrigues me.


Most rural places only have one funeral director/undertaker. People don’t die fast enough to need more than one in a village of 2000 people or so.


Natural monopolies are a good thing. The company will operate at a thin margin, up to the point where the revenue from producing one extra unit of output is equal to the cost of producing it. Monopolies become a problem when it is from large companies buying out competition before they are big enough to compete and using their market control to dissuade competition from entering the market, such as steeply undercutting price and operating at a loss in order to make a competitor unable to survive. It helps that established monopolies often have huge war chests that enable them to operate at a temporary loss.