TIL hummingbird nests are the smallest in the world. Most species of hummingbirds weave spider silk into the nest for structural support and to make it more elastic to accommodate the offspring as they grow. Often lichen will be attached to the outside of the nest for camouflage.

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One time I saw a hummingbird fly into it’s nest. I thought “Oh cool, I should take a picture!” Then after getting my phone ready *I couldn’t find it again*. It was only 10′ away and it just completely disappeared when I looked away. Amazingly well camouflaged.


Just when I thought they couldn’t be stranger little buggers, I find out they nit too? Witchcraft


Snug little guys.


I had a little habitat at my old house for Hummers….a nice big bush near water and flowers…I have about a dozen nests.


The thing I remember from when there was a hummingbird nest outside my front door is how very fast the fledglings grew and left the nest. Less than two weeks, iirc. Their eggs were about the size of tic-tacs.