TIL that a cat named Orlando once beat financial experts in an investing competition by randomly throwing a toy mouse on a grid of numbers that each correspond to different companies

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In the game Yakuza 0, you can win a chicken from bowling. You can then make said chicken one of your property managers, and it doesn’t do a horrendous job.


The vast, vast majority of active traders don’t beat the market. It has an average return of 10% over the 100 years. As a normal person, you’re better off investing in index funds or ETFs that are similar to market return.


For every stock that changes hands, someone thinks it’s going up and someone thinks it’s going down. And the house takes its cut on every trade. If you’re in the market for the long haul, Index Funds are the way to go.


That cat now owns a boat.


Orlando and Paul the Octopus could have been our overlords if they put their heads together.