TIL that after being told a jet powered car can run on anything that burns, the President of Mexico rode it running on tequila.

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The gentleman who wrote the article is a Michigan Attorney who specializes in Lemon Law and has a excellent youtube channel called Lehto’s Law where to discusses legal shenanigans and automotive history.


Some military engines are made to run on anythings thats flammable and liquid so you can literally mix petrol, diesel, vodka, nail polish remover and perfume to drive like an APC Cool concept to put it in a car though


And Jay Leno owns one of two that still exist


A long time ago Jimmy Fallon on Weekend Update covered a story about a car that had been built that could run on hazelnuts. He said (paraphrasing after 20+ years): *That sounds great – last I checked, hazelnuts were what – nine dollars a pound? Here’s another idea for you: a car that runs on Faberge eggs and bald eagle heads!*


Ok this shit always drives me nuts. It’s a TURBINE engine. NOT a jet engine. I repeat this IS NOT A JET ENGINE.