TIL that late in his reign as Emperor of China, Wu of Jin had over 5000 wives and concubines. Given this gluttony of choice, he let his goats decide whom he should spend the night with. He would ride on a cart drawn by the goats, and wherever the goats would stop, that’s who he would have.

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His followers noticed that although random, over time a pattern emerged where Emperor Wu would end up shagging one in particular out of the 5,000 concubines Eventually he was asked about this “Emperor Wu, why do you sleep with her more often than the others?” He thought for a while and then replied “I like all of them, but she is my goat-to girl”


The number included every female in the palace. The servants to each of the queens and concubines numbered in tens or even hundreds. Since the emperor can fuck any woman he wanted, they all counted as his harem. The actual queens and concubines are not that many. But this guy did have a lot.


Bet the women living at the end of the road didn’t mind be further from town, prob dropped goat treats in front of the other ladies houses.


I’m really not sure about the author of that article… > As Emperor Wu grew ill in 289, he considered whom to make regent. He considered both Yang Jun and his uncle Sima Liang the Prince of Ru’nan, the most respected of the imperial princes. […] By 290, Emperor Wu resolved to let Yang and Sima Liang both be regents, but after he wrote his will, the will was seized by Yang Jun, who instead had another will promulgated in which Yang alone was named regent. Emperor Wu died soon thereafter, leaving the empire in the hands of a developmentally disabled son and nobles intent on shedding each other’s blood for power, and **while he would not see the disastrous consequences himself, the consequences would soon come.** That reads more like a historical novel. It surely is entertaining though. edit: shortened the citation


For fans of Dynasty Warriors or Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this is Sima Yan lol.