Twitter sues Texas attorney general, claiming retaliation for Trump ban

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Some Texans suspect that the recent public stunts by Texas’ leadership are being done in an effort to take attention away from the mishandling of the recent winter storm. I might be one of them.


Just a reminder that Ken Paxton is being investigated by the FBI


Republicans: They’re a private company, they don’t have to pay for health care if they don’t want! Also Republicans: We don’t care if they’re a private company, they can’t pick and choose who they let use their platform. Fucking idiotic hypocrites.


> GOP politicians in roughly two dozen states have also introduced bills that would allow for civil lawsuits against platforms for what they call the “censorship” of posts. I presume this means that these platforms will no longer employ people in those states, and that these platforms will block people from those states from signing up for it/using it.


Ken Paxton? In court again? Color me shocked.