Under Trump Sen. Cotton Voted Twice for Relief Checks for Prisoners. Now Blasts Practice as ‘Crazy Democrat Idea’

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Because nothing matters to them. There is no truth, no values, just “fight the other side.”


That’s because Tom Cotton is a sociopath who has no core ideology beyond what helps him.


In his defense, he probably didn’t read those bills either.


Everyone with half a brain already expected Cotton and the rest of the GOP to oppose the new stimulus bill. Cotton doesn’t need to justify it with an argument of any kind, yet he’s choosing to make an argument anyway. And then he’s chosen to emphasize an argument that makes him an obvious hypocrite. Why would he do this? Because he wants to trick you into thinking there is an issue here. He wants to muddy the waters so that fewer people talk about what’s actually, clearly happening. So let’s be clear: relief checks to prisoners *do not matter,* not to Tom Cotton and not to anybody else with any power in this conversation; if the draft bill eliminated these payments, the GOP absolutely still wouldn’t support it. The GOP wouldn’t support it under *any* circumstances, so long as a Democrat president is the one who signs it–and that’s what’s really happening. That’s the only issue that matters. One of our parties (the GOP) simply refuses to do anything productive–even things they’ve done before–when the other party is in charge. But this obstructionist bullshit only works as long as the American people put up with it, so Tom Cotton, and everyone else in the GOP, desperately wants us to talk about *anything* else. Anything that pits the left vs. the right instead of *the corrupt few* against *everyone else*. TL:CR: If you’re talking about relief checks for prisoners right now, you’re either a plant or a stooge.


If it wasn’t for double standards Republicans would have no standards at all.