What is the weirdest behavior you have had from a damaged computer?

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I have an old portable Bluetooth speaker which I often use to listen to music or podcasts in the shower. It’s not very loud so I usually put it on one of the ledges inside the shower, furthest from the spray. It talks when its status changes – “powering on,” “pairing,” “low battery” and so on. One day I accidentally knocked it down, directly into the shower spray. I immediately snatched it out of the water, turned it off and dried it… then tried turning it back on once it seemed dry enough. It still worked. But it speaks Spanish now. I about had a heart attack and then laughed my ass off when I turned it on and, instead of the usual announcement of “powering on” I heard a completely unfamiliar voice intone “ENCENDIENDO.” To be clear, there is no discernable way for the user to configure the language of this thing. I can only assume the alternate language settings exist at the firmware level for different distribution regions or something, and whatever the water shorted out or disrupted just happened to flip the right bits into Spanish mode. I’m curious if factory reset would switch it back or if it’s genuinely broken somehow, but I’m too entertained by the change to even try. The little guy is still going strong and speaking Spanish to this day, and the ENCENDIENDO! still cracks me up when I turn it on. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the sheer surprise and hilarity of that moment haha


not a computer, but I used to have this “talking watch” that would tell you the time when you pushed its button. I left it out in the rain once and when it dried out and started talking again, it had gone insane. It would go off at random times, but it wouldn’t say the time, it would just start naming numbers. It also had a rooster noise it could make as an alarm sound, so it would be 4am or something, and I would hear “one, nine, two, seven, forty, thirty-three, ten, eight, COCKA-DOODLE-DOOOOO!!!”


Back in the late 90s our first family computer was an old Frankenstein junker built by a tech savvy guy who worked with my dad. Worked well enough, but had an ultra high speed CD drive installed (can’t remember specs, but it was like 7x typical rpm speed) Sat down to play Diablo one day. Popped in the game CD and notices that it was spinning faster than normal. It sounded like a jet engine taking off. I slowly scooted the chair back and off to the side when suddenly *BANG* the tray burst open sending shards of broken CD at high speed right past my head and embedded into the wall behind me. Tl;Dr – Almost murdered by a Diablo CD Rom. What’s even funnier is that years later I watched an episode of Mythbusters debunking it, claiming that it was impossible for a CD drive to do that. Tell that to the shit in my pants that day.


I had a laptop audibly say in a mechanical female voice, “catastrophic failure” then die completely.


This happened last month. I guess it wasn’t really damaged, but every time I’d walk into my room, I’d hear windows disconnect something…”boo-doo”. Literally any time I walked into the threshold of my room. I was freaking out thinking it was my webcam detecting motion or something. Turns out it is static electricity from my socks dumping into my keyboard wire and zapping it; I finally realized the light on the keyboard turning off as I walked in.