Andrew Yang Favored to Win NYC Mayor Race, Just Over 100 Days Before Primary

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100 days before the primary, trump was the laughing stock of the GOP. Just go out and vote people.


100 days is a long time in politics.


This is like Bernie leading the primary race until the moderates consolidated around a single canidiate.


As a card carrying progressive New Yorker can I just say that we are still unsure about Andrew Yang? In fact, we are still unsure about the entire lot of candidates seeking the office. And last I checked there were 124 of them seeking matching funds. The biggest problem for many or most New Yorkers is the cost of living, and that is primarily due to the cost of housing. And the biggest problem with most of the people circling the mayor’s office is that they wind up captured by the real estate and finance industries. I simply do not have a read on Andrew Yang in this regard because he has no track record to speak of.


He’s favored to win because no one else has an organized campaign. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all but I have zero reason to vote for this guy beyond name recognition and novelty and because there’s no one else in the field. I’m not really comfortable with that after de blasio.