First Nations advocates in Canada are pressing the Manitoba government to do more when it comes to implementing the national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls following the death of Jana Williams.

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There are serious resources that are NEEDED on reservations that just don’t exist. In a city or town as most not reservation dwellers know, there are places to stay, for the homeless and resources for them. ————- It is NOT like that for reservations. ——- There needs to be a call to action for resources first. ———— There are so many gaps in what is available vs —-what is needed. Speaking of which the recognition and treatment of the murder of a pregnant woman who was a mother to two children, should ring the same damn bell that it would for any other women. Systematically speaking there are many addictions and sex worker issues that many women in that region (aboriginal)have become pulled into, grown up in or chose. This has largely been a result of the generational genocide stemming from less than human treatment that coincided with, and resulted from residential schools. A pregnant woman was murdered. A pregnant mother of two was murdered. A pregnant, mother of two, that was homeless was murdered. A pregnant woman, mother of two, soon to be three, that had no resources, no place to go, no resources to contact for help was murdered.. And no resource helped her or her family even after her death. That’s just not good enough Canada.


I have heard suggestions that instead of giving the reserve/band’s council large sums of money directly, instead, give it to each of the band’s residents, and have the reserve/band “tax” it like income. Then, the council’s spending will ~feel more personal to the residents and hopefully reduce corruption. Corruption flourishes in lack of transparency, especially when the reserve/band’s residents feel a disconnect from the aid and funds (that are really intended to better their lives!).


I’d like to point out this particular woman was 28 years old, homeless (“transient”) and pregnant with her third child. > “Racism is killing Indigenous women and girls and 2SLGBTQQIA+, and it must be addressed and those barriers need to be removed. We also need adequate resourcing and supports.” Right, she died because of “racism” and somehow it’s the government’s fault but where the hell were her family, her loved ones, her community to support her? Seems like she might have need their help when she was living, or was that the government’s responsibility too? And what happened to her two previous children… are they going to be included in their accusations about how Youth Services are “stealing” indigenous children?


Sadly they see indigenous as sovereign citizens not their problem. Women of color are in danger in this world and always have been. Its not conspiracy theory to know that over 25 million women and children are sex trafficked each yr. Globally. So quit with the theories. Look at queen liz and the 10 indigenous children that disappeared on her watch. This stuff is real. Its happening daily and ppl need to wake tf up. Children are not safe in this world.


How to wipe a genus of the face of the earth. Look deeper.