I was taken from my home and raised as a “nice Jewish girl,” but I’m Indigenous (2021) – As a small child, Nakuset was taken from her home in Manitoba and adopted into a Jewish family in Montreal. The story of how she reclaimed her Indigenous identity, with help from her Bubby. CC [00:12:48]

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haven’t watched this documentary yet, but I’m just wondering is there a single country in the world that hasn’t completely fucked up their handling of the indigenous population? serious question.


I’m a Jewish guy married to a First Nations woman, this is going to be an interesting doc to watch together.


It’s so shocking there was a book people could just pick a stolen child from. Disgusting. This doc was really moving, thank you


How bizarre to pick a Native child from a book of Native children and then reject them because they are Native. Or were all of the children abused? Or at least the two adopted kids? I wonder how the man felt about bubbi’s love for Nakuset, and why her values didn’t pass down to him. But the bit at the beginning about suing people was odd and never given context. Is she going to sue the people who raised her? or AIM? The government?


Whats the point of having/adopting children if your just gonna neglect them 🙁