Rep. Tim Ryan Blows Up At GOP In Fiery House Floor Speech: ‘Stop Talking About Dr. Seuss’

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This is how he needs to campaign for the Senate if he wants to win.


Republicans think that Democrats need to be held responsible for everytime a book company decides to stop printing a book or a toy company decides to change the name of a toy


Company decided, on its own, to take action. Full stop.


Republicans: Dr Seuss cancel culture censorship muragagagagaggaa Democrats: We’re going to pass covid legislation then move in to climate change and infrastructure. Do you want to give any input on those bills? Republicans: Snowflake PC armabragayaurf Dems: Right. Thanks for that. We’re just going to ignore you now.


The speech is les than a minute long, why are they linking the speech with ONLY this line missing: “in the 70’s the average CEO made 35x the average worker. Today it’s 300-400x.”