We need to talk about how widespread abuse in the church ACTUALLY is.

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The world knows. It doesn’t care. You can do a lot of bad things and use Jesus as a shield of public opinion that no one wants to cross. The more convinced people are that youre pious the more shit you can get away with and socially crucify anyone that speaks against you in your community


The Baptists have a loose confederation so even if we did uncover and report more of this, we would not be able to attack the hierarchy like in the case of the Catholic church.


I hear too many stories like yours out there in the news, using the “cloth” as a way to get to kids and vulnerables and to cover their deedz for far too long. My only religious aunt still belongs to a mega church where the preacher molested some kids. I met that guy once, at my cousins’s daughter’s funeral (car wreck), and hated him immediately. He totally creeped me out, kept preaching how we were all sinners if we didnt go to his church. A few weeks later…busted. The loudest preachers are usually the worst offenders, and that doesnt just apply to religion. What sickens me more is that many of these preachers and priests who do this shit dont seem to go to jail. For some reason they just get transferred, like, arent they criminals? Put their asses in jail! If a kid is involved it should be mandatory, even if the brainwashes parents dont want to press charges. All that being said, i also know a great guy who was the paster at my wife’s church. We went out for beer together often. Unfortunately we dont live there anymore so dont get to hang out.


APAP just like ACAB