Sacklers deny responsibility for opioid crisis and claim lawyers ‘invented false narrative’ : A branch of the family launches website and claims they are victims of smear campaign by lawyers seeking to make profit

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I watched “The Crime of the Century” on HBO Max and came away feeling like they had to know what was going on. Feels like there’s nothing can be done but hope that enough people eventually understand their part in the crisis, after seeing that show I feel like they practically helped create it.


“lawyers seeking to make a profit”?

The hell, you say.


Just finished reading a really great book about the Sacklers called “Empire of Pain”.

That whole family belongs in a wood chipper.


The Sacklers deserve nothing less than to lose all their money and spend the rest of their lives in jail. Won’t happen, but they are evil incarnate for what they have done to families and whole communities. All for a wealthy lifestyle and public esteem.


> It says the Sackler family regrets that the drug “unexpectedly became part of the opioid crisis” but that those members who ran Purdue “acted lawfully and ethically”.

It wasnt part of the crisis, it was the crisis. OxyContin, product of Purdue Pharma, is responsible for the opioid crisis. Dont get it twisted.


US Suspends All Oil, Gas Leases In Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – Interior Department

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> The Department of the Interior on Tuesday canceled all oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge pending a new environmental review.

> Trump’s Interior Department sold the leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in January over the objections of environmentalists and indigenous groups.

This was one of Trump’s last-minute actions as President, selling oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on the same day as the Capitol riots. This new action will block oil and gas drilling in one of the largest undeveloped wilderness refuges in the US, pending a review of its environmental impacts.


It would be nice to preserve some beauty and not kill everything off and be left with nothing to look at but the exact type of asshole who’d want to destroy most of this stuff for his short term profits.


“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”

― Theodore Roosevelt


When the oil companies’ own scientists think global warming is happening and their own policies plan for it in the future, you don’t really feel bad for them. What they have done to convince politicians and the public it isn’t happening.


Some good news finally.


Almost a quarter of Republicans believe Satan-worshiping pedophiles control the US government, media, and financial sector

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Is actual Satan worship even a real thing? My understanding is that even the Church of Satan doesn’t actually believe in his existence.


They should know, they voted them in.


As I said this before, it’s the same satanic worship shit of the late 80s/early 90s that was all over TV stations. It’s like these people forgot that they already did this. I would forgive them if they were 20, but most qanon nuts seem to be 40 and older.


This is a big fucking issue. These people have a verifiably false worldview. Joe Biden beat Donald Trump, and that’s just the start of the shit that these people believe.

We’ve got to call these fuckers out in public discourse, and we also need social media to crackdown and make sure they cannot share their vile poison.

This shit erodes faith in American civic religion. If left unchecked, January 6th was just a dress rehearsal for whats to come.


> Nearly a quarter of Republicans say they believe that the US government, media, and financial sector are controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation, according to new polling from the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute.

> This belief is a core tenet of the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, which continues to dominate far-right thinking months after former President Donald Trump left office. An even larger share of Republicans — 28% — believe in two other tenets of QAnon: that a coming “storm” will oust powerful elites and restore the country’s rightful leaders, and that “patriots” may have to use violence to save the US.

> Overall, between 15 and 20% of Americans say they completely or mostly agree with the three tenets of QAnon. […]

> Right-wing news consumption is the strongest predictor of belief in QAnon. Those who say they trust far-right media the most are nearly nine times more likely to believe in QAnon than those who most trust broadcast networks including ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Quick math, 25-28% of 74 million Trump voters in the 2020 Election equals ~ 18-20 million people. 😱

That’s not just a ‘few crazies.’ That’s a cult!!! 🤨😡🤦🏽‍♂️


What’s Happening In Arizona Is Not Really An Audit Or A Recount. It’s A Partisan Inquisition.

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Yes, that was the whole point.


what?!?!? you mean an ‘audit’ with no transparent oversight, no definite answer who is funding it, auditors who were on the ballot doing the auditing and done by a firm that has never done it before, is considered suspect? I dont believe it.

personally I dont think they will find different results. what they will find(mysteriously) is computer chips or programming that was added later(not from dominion), into some of the voting machines. that way they can cast doubt on every single evection in the states that used them. boom, trumps way to spark his second coup attempt.


That thing is still going on? These idiots can’t even rig an “audit” correctly


And only the GOP could make it a racist recount by looking for bamboo fibers from China.


> It’s A Partisan Inquisition.

I wouldn’t even call it that.

It’s a bad faith show intended to pander to the gullible people they are conning and manipulating to act against their own best interest.

Just like when trump didn’t even care if Ukraine actually investigated Hunter Biden. That was never part of the deal. He only wanted them to announce (on CNN) that they were doing an investigation. The actual investigation and/or results are meaningless — just like this audit.

Simply having the audit is enough for them to achieve their goals.


Joe Biden blames trouble passing voting rights on 2 Dems “who vote more” with GOP

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>”I hear all the folks on TV say, ‘why doesn’t Biden get this done?'” said Biden. “Well, because Biden only has a majority of effectively four votes in the House and a tie in the Senate—with two members of the Senate who vote more with my Republican friends. But we’re not giving up.”

Holy shit the president actually called out Manchin and Sinema. Dems need to put them on the hot seat.


Manchin and Sinema care more about having the senator title then doing anything constructive with it.


Oh shit lol hes had enough


He should schedule a prime time speech in which he explains what the GOP is doing in the states what HR1 would do and who exactly those two democrats are who are preventing passage of the bill.

Call them out by name on prime time TV.


Good start. Now mention them by name and go to WV and AZ and talk to the people there. Say “I’d love to pass voting rights that make it easy and convenient for you to vote so you don’t have to stand hours in line to do your patriotic duty, but Machin/Sinema for whatever reason don’t want to do what -you- elected them to do. Try talking to them.”

Their tune will change VERY quick if Biden does this.


What’s your greatest, “you can cut the tension in the room with a butter knife” story?

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Graduation day at the college where I work. The commencement speaker, a famous journalist, is giving her inspiring speech, working in little bits of trivia about our school. But something seems off. And as she starts listing our famous graduates, we realize she’s Googled the wrong college, and is talking about the hyper-conservative Christian school a thousand miles away that happens to have the same name.

But the speech goes on and on, fifteen minutes more, with more awkward details she looked up on the wrong Wikipedia. And nobody wants to tell her while she’s onstage. A murmur goes around, even the graduates’ parents have figured it out by now, and several thousand people slowly cringe themselves to death.

To her credit she graciously apologized on her TV show and gave the college a nice promo.


I was on a sail racing team in college, and the “me too” movement was in full swing. After practice, our coach decided to tell our entire team about the time he was raped as a kid. I’m not saying it was wrong of him to do so, but he kept going on about it in detail and everyone was getting very uncomfortable.


I bartended in college. The new manager, during the club rockin, at midnight, proceeded to cut off the music and tell 200 drunk college kids about how he was 120 days sober and showed everyone his coin. Then he preached about sobriety and him not having custody of his kids for about 4 minutes before putting Lil John back on so girls can twerk.

No one twerked


I was eight. My father had suddenly shown back up out of nowhere wanting a relationship with me after no contact since I was six months old. My mom let it happen as long as I was comfortable but her lawyer suggested she fight for him to pay child support (he was supposed to, never did, etc.)

Well, we were all at a restaurant- me, my mom, her bf, my grandparents, my dad, his parents, and my half sister (same dad who did the exact same shit to her and her mom five years prior to me) and things were alright at first… I was uncomfortable, as was my sister, but it was eh.

The plan was that my grandparents and my sisters mom would take us both out of the restaurant when everyone was done eating, lawyer would serve my dad with papers in the parking lot after we were long gone, and the inevitable fight that would ensue would either be a) softened by the fact that they were in public or b) even if they didn’t have enough tact not to pitch a fit in the parking lot, us kids wouldn’t be around to witness it…

Yeah, well, my dads parents kept yanking me and my sister back for photos and the lawyer ended up serving the papers while we were still there and the ten seconds of silence as my dad and his parents realized what was happening is still one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever experienced in my entire life. My mom and my sisters mom were trying their best to get us into a car before the blowup but- yeah… that’s when I learned the real reason my dad and his family weren’t in my life lmao.

I can’t go back to this restaurant anymore. It causes me major anxiety.


Now, for a little background: My mom and her bf (we’ll call him R) have been together since I was in first grade… I’ve known this man longer than I’ve known my biological father, and they have a son together. However, R also had a son (J) with another woman before he met my mom. His ex wife was a closeted lesbian (we live in the Deep South) who got married to a man to appease her parents and ended up trying to commit suicide. She was luckily unsuccessful and she and R split ways on decent terms and she now has a life partner.

Now, this life partner is a piece of work. I have nothing against LGBT people (I am bisexual myself) this woman is just… a nightmare.

When J graduated high school, his mom and her life partner were both invited to attend the graduation and the after party. Everything was going fine at the party until suddenly, J is handed a card from life partner and goes really pale and really quiet. People notice, but try to act like they hadn’t a move on with the conversation but it’s clear something is wrong.

J pulls my mom aside and shows her the card and asks her if she thinks it’s appropriate. She’s confused as first, but then reads the text at the bottom and also goes quiet. At this point everyone can no longer ignore that somethings off and everyone goes silent while R asks to see the card.

J’s mom’s life partner has written in this card “congratulations, love mom” this adult woman that had nothing to do with J had referred to herself as MOM in his card… it was stomach churningly awkward because she just sat there and said “what?” With this smug ass smile-

We shouldn’t go to this restaurant anymore.

EDIT 2: some clarifications for story #1

– My mom tried to do things the “proper” way multiple times but he would change his number, not show up, refuse to meet with her one on one, etc. This is why things were done in public with witnesses.

– His parents weren’t supposed to be there, they showed up unannounced.


My mom died due to an overdose and without a will. At the funeral home, my stepdad, grandmother, aunt, brother and I were in the office to plan my mother’s funeral.

My aunt and grandmother hated my stepdad. They said he enabled my mother, and didn’t take care of her. My stepdad also owed my grandmother money.

My stepdad hated us all. My brother had stolen from him, he thought my grandmother and aunt were over-bearing, and he blamed me for my mother dying because I had cut off contact with her (it was for my own well-being).

My brother was just plain angry at everyone but me. He thought my grandma hadn’t supported my mom. He also was in such denial that he thought my stepdad had murdered our mother.

My grandma also partially blamed me for my mother’s death because of going no contact. My mother had been an addict for years, but apparently I was the reason she overdosed.

I was fuming angry that all of these people blamed me for the actions of someone else and I was being scapegoated again for my mother’s actions. I was mad at my mom for not having a will, and for dying when I was 25.

I cannot imagine the tension that funeral director felt in that room, as all these people who detested one another tried to agree on funeral arrangements.


If a species of animal were to go extinct, it could potentially throw off the entire natural order. If humans were to go extinct, everything else would potentially thrive.

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You can kiss goodbye all the domestic pets if we were gone


That’s a wishful thinking. Take all the domesticated animals and put them to the grinder cause vast majority of those cute animals on r/aww will have miserable existence before their number become very small . Homo sapiens are just part of nature and our extinction will have major consequences before some kind of balance is restored after millennia or millions of years . There is always a period of struggle before every major event . Never forget that .


Species have been going extinct far longer than humans have been around.


Rats would miss us dearly.


hey there are 3 types of ticks that feed exclusively on humans!


Why don’t they put advertisements on the Hulk..?

He’s basically a giant Banner.

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Cute. And a joke I can tell the kids.


Superman was feeling bored after a long break of crime fighting and wanted to go out and party, so he called Hulk to ask if he wanted to go to a club and pick up some gilrs.

Hulk said betty ross was ill and he to look after her.
A little disappointed, Superman called Iron Man to see if wanted to grab a couple of beers. Iron man told him he had a date with black widow.

As last resort, Superman flew over to wonder woman’s apartment to see if she was free.
As he landed on her balcony, he saw her naked on the bed with her legs open.

Then he tought to himself ‟ i am faster than a speeding bullet, i could be in there, have sex and out again before she knew what happening.”
So Superman did his super thing in a plit second and flies off happily.

Meanwhile on the bed, Wonder Woman said : ‟ did you hear anything ?”

‟NO!” said the Invisible Man, ‟ But my ass hurts like hell !”


Well, they could. But the banner size keeps on changing.


Haha i get it its because the hman that changes into the hulk is called bruce banner!


Don’t give Disney ideas


Biden Suspends Drilling Leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The decision blocks, for now, oil and gas drilling in one of the largest tracts of undeveloped wilderness in the United States.

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“A man could be a lover and defender of the wilderness without ever in his lifetime leaving the boundaries of asphalt, powerlines, and right-angled surfaces. We need wilderness whether or not we ever set foot in it. We need a refuge even though we may never need to set foot in it. We need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope; without it the life of the cities would drive all men into crime or drugs or psychoanalysis.“ – Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire


Can we just get our shit together and just start mining hydrocarbons off world or just stick to nuclear energy plus solar and wind. I really would like to hope that I’m operating my last gas car.


We need to keep our few remaining frontiers


This behavior needs to be encouraged globally if we want a habitable planet in the future. Good for Biden, good for the world!


It’s interesting to contrast the ANWR debate with the keystone XL. The issue with the trans Alaska pipeline is the day the oil stops flowing is the day they start removing the pipeline. The caribou population has increased as a result of the pipeline service road and the oil workers stay off it during migration season. The size of a reportable oil spill in ANWR is one drop, the drilling itself is the least destructive in earth. Issuing new permits is the difference of an incredible project operating for another generation.
With the keystone pipeline, the oil is moving are from Ottawa tar sands, the filthiest petroleum source in North America. Rather than debate the problems with tar sands, that debate is over the pipeline itself.
It would be nice to discuss the real issues.


Brain-Computer Interface Smashes Previous Record for Typing Speed – Imagining “writing-by-hand” is faster than imagining moving a cursor in new BCI system

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This would change creative writing forever. The kind of train of thought you can have in your head is completely different than the one you can type out by normal means.

Imagine being able to push a transcribe button and get down the random inner thoughts you have at the most fleeting moments.

That’s a whole other strata of creative thought that this technology gives the means of expression to.



Tempting as this may be, you could never convince me to use it.

That’s a box you never get to close…


Converting thoughts efficiently into writing… now if we can reverse that, and communicate directly into someone’s head by converting speech/text/information into thought, we’ve basically got telepathy right?


This is assuming that everything you think is in language. If you think of an image, will it say [image of duck] or something?

The future of writing isn’t getting better at alphanumeric transcription, more a fusion of image and text together like a map or a graphic novel.

I’m interested in those AI experiments trying to create a fuzzy image from an image you think of in your brain.


like the god emperors journals if anyone has red GEoD