10 more interesting and useful ETFs with less than $1b AUM

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Normally lists like this are meh, but a quick scan of FIVA is actually pretty interesting. Good find. Just gave me a couple hours od analysis to do


TIL GARP is a thing and there’s a whole S&P index around it.


Why would you want an ETF with low AUM? It’s literally the point of an ETF to be big so you don’t face any liquidity problem while Trading. Why should this be a good idea? Sorry but I just don’t get it.


This is a good post, although investors would be well advised to think carefully about what role each of these ETFs would play in a portfolio. 1) With regard to the GARP ETF – solid choice, especially so when the S&P500 gets overly concentrated in a few expensive names. 2) Factor ETFs – factors are well researched and understood these days. The main investable factors are value, quality, momentum (which is more of a meta factor), size, market, investment, and profitability. The problem with factor ETFs is that it’s very unclear exactly what factor exposure/loading you get with each of them. Two value ETFs may have very different loadings on the factors. Know what you’re paying that ER for. My personal favorites are $AVUV and $AVDV which provide strong exposure to size, value, profitability, and screen out negative momentum, plus they are not index funds, for 25 bps.