A scumbag Christian priest called a 13-yo North Korean refugee girl “too dirty to be saved” simply because she had been raped and sold into slavery by the people who had trafficked her into China.

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Wow, didn’t that Jesus fellow say *everybody* could be “saved”, and he even hung out with prostitutes. Way to fail at being a Christian mr priest.


This story, girls being raped and enslaved in China after escaping North Korea, is actually so common. Before the video loaded, I was going to say, “Like Yoenmi Park,” but then it loaded and I saw. Poor woman. Imagine escaping a country that’s basically one large concentration camp, just to become a slave. Fuck this guy.


I get that this was posted for this young ladies story, but JP really is part of a problem with theism trying to wriggle it’s way into atheist discussions (it’s like religious scientists being a thing, these people want to try and marry the two in an attempt to confirm their beliefs as being real and not just fantasy stories that exist in the realm of myth and legend devised by people that lived thousands of years ago and would have their fucking minds melted if they even had the slightest understanding of what is normal to us these days, like a supermarket being a thing – brain goes coblammo, but apparently they knew everything about time, space and all of existence with no formal research back in 600bc or whatever). This guy has written books and made so so many statements over the years that display just how much his religious background and belief in “traditional society” influences how he approaches things. He’s a fuckwit conservative right wing talking head that has his place in r/iamverysmart and should remain there.


Because priests like little boys. Duh!


>Jordan peterson video Oh great, and now that I clicked on that, I’m never going to stop getting recommended video’s for this grifter. Thanks a lot.