A Worker-Owned Cooperative Tries to Compete With Uber and Lyft

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I would use a coop over Uber/Lyft even if the price was higher because I like worker cooperatives


They can’t compete with a price war, since Uber can just take losses until they are dead. So they have to compete with quality of service. Make sure their drivers are nicer, more reliable, and completely safe. If they can provide a level of comfort and safety Uber can’t, they can definitely take market share. And if they can provide better benefits to drivers, they can cut into Uber’s driver share.


If only they said the name of the coop.


a new company can succeed if they pay drivers better. the biggest problem is **you’re not a real contractor** with uber and lyft, THEY set the prices. **you’re also not an employee** since you get zero benefits, cannot negotiate for a raise, there is no possibility to get promoted, there is no job security, no retirement benefit, and get no reimbursement for operating costs or depreciation on your car. uber and lyft are greedy liars. you must accept all the rides or you get deactivated if you skip “too many” but they refuse to tell you how many that is. “just dont refuse too many” **uber/lyft both steal up to 80% of the fare**, steal the “primetime” fees and instead pay a tiny flat bonus, steal the cancel fees and treat drivers with a fake smile and dagger in the back.


With promotional material such as this, I don’t know how it could possibly lose??? In all seriousness though, I hope this does well!