After dying Hitler arrives at the gates of heaven

God asks him his name and on hearing “Hitler” instantly remarks that he should be sent to Hell. Hitler pleads to God to atleast consider some merit for him in heaven. To this God rumbles ” You persecuted millions of Jews, led a second world war to happen and caused the German people to suffer a lot. On what possible merit would we consider admitting you into heaven ?” Hitler calmly replies “My Lord, I am also responsible for killing that man”

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Hitler may have killed Hitler, but he also killed the guy who killed Hitler.


But then again, some religious doctrine consider suicide an unpardonable sin…..too bad Adolf


What is Hitler’s favourite board game? Nahtzee


This can be interpreted two ways. 1. He killed that man, meaning himself. 2. He was so evil that he killed the devil himself.


For real though. Whoever actually killed Hitler should like totally get an automatic pass into heaven.