Amazon Faced 75,000 Arbitration Demands. Now It Says: Fine, Sue Us

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They have hundreds of lawyers ready for any suit that comes to their desk. How do you beat that?


Interesting how it always works in big corporations favor. “Sorry you can’t sue us, you have to go to arbitration.” “Sorry, not feeling all this arbitration. You have to sue us.”


On consumer cases, the consumer pays $250 or whatever the initial fee is and the company pays the whole bill left. Unlike the courts, Amazon will need to pay the full amount (minus $250). Arbitration can mount into thousands on 1 case multiply by 75.000 and a class action looks cheap! and suddenly you want the courts rather than arbitration …. Not only that you’ll need to follow 75000 cases rather than a few. I read some time ago that a lawyer was doing the same against Lyft or Uber can’t recall. Filling thousands of arbitration cases. Not sure how that ended, but at some point is just cheaper not to use arbitration.


Amazon is higher priced on a lot of items and it’s shipping has slowed tremendously.


I am surprised they did not change their terms of service to require plaintiffs to incur all expenses of Amazon during arbitration and not get compensated for those expenses even if Amazon loses. This provision may sound absurd, but there is a legal precedent that has been ratified by the courts – Texas Home Owners Associations. Homeowners have gone against their associations, won in arbitration, then won after the HOA went beyond arbitration to appeal all the way to the Texas Supreme Court. However, the TSC ruled that the homeowner was on the hook for ALL the HOA legal and administrative costs. I know connecting the two would be a stretch, but Amazon is a company that tries to stretch everything.