Amazon US customers given one week to opt out of mass wireless sharing

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Worth noting that this only applies to people who own Amazon internet-of-things devices, like the Echo and Ring. If you’re an amazon customer who just buys rubber duckies and glow sticks you don’t have to worry about this. What I am curious to know, is if any Ring or Echo products purchased after the June 8th opt-out deadline will be hard locked into the WiFi share program.


> Amazon customers have one week to opt out of a plan that would turn every Echo speaker and Ring security camera in the US into a shared wireless network, as part of the company’s plan to fix connection problems for its smart home devices. This has nothing to do with “fixing connection problems”. The plan is to create a massive surveillance network and sell access to anyone that can afford it, primarily law enforcement agencies.


Alexa App > Settings > Account Settings > Amazon Sidewalk > Disable For everyone else digging through the comments like I did trying to figure out where they hid the disable button Edit: this worked on my iPhone, not sure about others


And this is why I’m glad I never bought any of that shit.


This is a fucking terrible idea and I hope someone finds a legal reason to sue the shit out of them because that’s a bait and switch on a massive fucking scale.